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Toronto is a fantastic city and a fantastic place to live. But, it will remain so only as long as Toronto Ward 29 residents retain control over their city government. As a twenty-six year resident of Ward 29, I see residents are becoming farther and farther removed from the decisions that affect their daily lives. I see a city council, with the same old tired faces, that has become less respectful of, more contemptuous of, and more distant from, the taxpayers who pay their salaries.

Many City Councillors have forgotten that they work for us!

Reclaim Toronto!

Torontonians are so busy working to pay their bills that they have neither the time nor the inclination to become involved. One does not need Council experience to identify and exercise sound judgment about the issues. One does not need to be - and should not be - a member of a political party to participate in or to contribute to the city. Regrettably, many candidates are members of or are endorsed by mainstream parties - and one party in particular. This means that their primary loyalty is to their party and not to the taxpayers in their ward. City Council is and should remain about independent thinking and independent candidates!

Reclaim Toronto - Fight Voter Apathy!

I know it's hard to get interested. I know its hard to see that your vote matters. I know its hard to imagine that your input makes a difference. Well, you matter, you should be interested in your city, and if you want to begin to "Reclaim Toronto", you must get out and vote. In 2006 some Councillors won their seats with less than 20% of the vote! A failure to vote on October 25, 2010 will return the city to the same group of Councillors who brought us to the financial crisis and the moral crisis we are in.

On October 25, 2010 - Vote to Reclaim Toronto!

Reclaim Toronto - It's about "The Three Rs"

Let's get back to basics. Toronto residents have the right to expect "The Three Rs" from City Council. These are:

Respect - Does City Council care about Toronto businesses?
Regard - Did City Council allow competitive bidding for the subway contract?
Responsibility - Does City Council spend your tax dollars wisely?

On October 25, 2010 - Vote to Reclaim Toronto!

When it comes to taxes, Torontonians want:

- to be taxed respectfully and with regard for their hard work
- that their tax dollars be spent responsibly
- that City Council not spend money it doesn't have

Speaking of being taxed respectfully:

Let’s look at one example of many.

Approximately fifty percent of Toronto residents are renters (approximately fourty percent in ward 29) . Yet, the City of Toronto has declared war on tenants. Did you know that rental buildings that have more than seven units are taxed at a punitive rate? If you are a tenant in a one bedroom apartment, your unit may be taxed at approximately the same rate as many detached houses. Sure, your landlord pays the tax. But the landlord passes the tax on to you as part of your rent. The tenant culture has always blamed landlords for high rents. The city of Toronto is responsible for your high rents. Why should tenants (who have on average less money) pay higher property taxes than many home owners (who have statistically more money)? During my life I have been homeowner, small landlord and a tenant.

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Speaking of the responsible spending of tax dollars:

The last election was four years ago. Is your neighbourhood safer? Are your schools better? Are your taxes lower? Are your streets cleaner? Is your snow removal better? Have you received the garbage collection you paid for?

Many of the incumbents are running again. They are asking you to support them and contribute to their lucrative pensions for another four years. Get rid of them. It's time to "Reclaim Toronto!"

On October 25 - Get out and vote!

Elect John Richardson! – Ward 29

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