Meet John Richardson - Toronto Ward 29

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John Richardson has lived in and owned a house in Toronto Ward 29 since 1984. He has been known to shovel the driveway for his neighbours.


John Richardson is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Queen’s University. He is a member of the Bar of Ontario who has been self-employed as a small businessman since 1980.

Independent judgment you can count on:

John Richardson carries “no baggage”, “no party obligations” and “no political debts” to city council. You can count on John to exercise sound and independent judgment for the residents of ward 29.

John wants to contribute for a maximum of two terms

Serving on City Council should not be a career. John believes that no Councillor should be allowed to serve for more than two terms (8 years). John is looking to make a contribution to Toronto in general and Ward 29 in particular.

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